Why Does It Happen?

  1. Overview
  2. Sexual Violence
  3. Why Does It Happen?

Rape is an act of violence that uses sex as a weapon. It is not an act of romance or lust. Studies of convicted rapists have found that the majority have consenting sexual partners. The motive for rape is the offender's need to feel powerful and in control. Rapists surprise their victims by catching them off-guard, by manipulating or drugging them, and taking advantage of the situation when they have gained the victim's trust.

Sexual violence is never the victim's fault. Just as we do not blame robbery victims for the crime because they own expensive homes or live in exclusive neighborhoods, neither should we blame sexual assault victims for the crime because of what they were wearing or their location. No one would ask to have their life threatened, to be humiliated or degraded. Offenders are accountable for their own behaviors. 


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