What Parents Can Do

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It is important for parents to discuss sexual violence with their children without scaring them. For younger children let them know the difference between "safe", "unsafe" and "confusing" touches. Many abused children are confused because the "unsafe" and "confusing" touches can feel pleasurable.

Parents can help by:

  • Teaching children the proper names for sexual body parts. Many children are not able to tell about the abuse because they don't know the words to use.
  • Teaching children the difference between safe, unsafe and confusing touches. Talk about appropriate touches and physical affection.
  • Telling children that it's okay to say "no" to touches or behaviors that make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Reminding children that safety rules apply to all adults, not just strangers.
  • Teaching children not to keep secrets about touching, no matter what another person says. Encourage children to tell immediately if someone touches them or behaves in a way that is not okay.

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