Supporting Male Victims

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  3. Supporting Male Victims
  • Believe him. Try to understand what he is experiencing.
  • Listen to him. Let him know he can confidentially talk to you when he is ready. When he does talk, be supportive. Don't judge or blame, regardless of where he was or what he was doing. Clearly tell him "It was not your fault."
  • Accept his decisions. Help him explore options, but don't offer your opinions on what he should do. Be patient and allow him to choose his own path to recovery. Respect his choices.
  • Help him identify people in his life that can be a safe support network.
  • Help him to recognize that he is a victim of a crime. Help him understand that it was not his behavior that caused the assault. The responsibility is that of the attacker who perpetrated violence against him.
  • Make referrals based on the victim's needs and wants.

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